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What Does It Cost

Fee structures for tax protest services are as follows:

  1. A contingency fee of 35% of the annual taxes saved, as a result of the protest, is due 14 days after invoice is sent;

  2. An administrative fee, which will recur on an annual basis, is calculated as follows:

    1.  $150.00 - This fee is a per client fee and not a per property fee in case you have multiple.

    2. This annual administrative fee is due prior to representation and must be returned with the property representation documents requested at the time of sign-up.

    3. In the event that the Platinum Property Tax protest contingency fees result in a higher amount than the annual administrative fee then the annual administrative fee will be deducted from the PPT invoice.

      1. Ex. PPT protest lowers your tax bill by $1,000.00 …The 35% contingency fee would be $350 due.  We would deduct $150 from $350 for a total invoice amount of $200 remaining due. 

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